Kemü now brings you freshly made nutritious kombucha based KemüCHA probiotic drinks.
What makes KemüCHA different is that the probiotic qualities are still active.  
The drink has been 'paused' by refrigeration but the active probiotics haven't been killed by heat or preservatives.  Accompanying these great tasting refreshing drinks are the best quality seasonal plant based meals.
What makes Kemü's food different?

Kemü's nutritious meals are prepared in a dedicated 100% plant based commercial kitchen - no chance of cross-contamination.

Kemü uses seasonally available local ingredients - great freshness and nutrition.

You get to eat what the plant based shop owners eat - if we love the food, we make it available for you too.

You get to sample a range of tastes from around the world - from curries to spuds, from noodles to nice cream.

All meals are made in small batches to ensure you get fresh meals, not yesterday's leftovers.

Kemü is owned and operated by a plant based family with vegan values so you know your valuable dollars are not being used to supplement animal cruelty.

Kemü's whole food desserts are raw for maximum nutrition and contain no added sugar, oil or salt.

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