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Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee being poured from Kemü's taps.
Nitro coffee being poured from Kemü’s taps.

Nitro Coffee is a summertime treat.  With different favours than espresso coffee, Nitro is served icy cold on tap and pours like a Guinness, forming a creamy head within a minute or so.

The coffee is a cold brew made in a vat over 18 to 36 hours in a cold environment.  The flavour profile varies depending on factors such as the blend or single origin of the coffee, the grind size, temperature and time of the brew, water purity, holding temperature…etc.

The above factors can affect the caffeine levels which can be higher or lower than an espresso, though, volume for volume, caffeine levels are much lower than espresso – one shot of ‘normal’ espresso is more concentrated than an equal shot of nitro.  This is one reason why Nitro is normally drunk neat from a Latte glass or larger, sometimes with ice.

Kemü’s Nitro goes well either neat or with a splash of non-dairy milk, such as almond or coconut.

Studies have also demonstrated that non-decaffeinated caffeine drinks and other plant foods act as a preventative for CNS & brain related disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzeimer’s.