Sitting right in the middle of the tourist and ecofriendly hub of Terrigal, Kemü brings residents and visitors to Terrigal the best in healthy eating and drinking.

Kemü’s food and drinks are 100% plant based, that, is they don’t contain any ingredients that are animal based.

No meat.

No dairy.

No honey.

Just nutritious plants.

Kemü is family owned and operated by plant eaters for everyone to enjoy. Based on a 100% animal cruelty free, healthy and sustainable menu, Kemü’s nutrition profile is modelled around low fat, whole foods, plant based sources.

This style of nutrition has the following benefits:

  • Cold Drip - drip - BWHelps prevent & combat chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, ischemic heart disease, gall bladder disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes, and more.
  • Assists in the management and predictability of Type 1 Diabetes.  We have experienced this first hand with our little daughter.
  • Promotes an alkaline biome that does not include foreign animal based proteins, providing an environment that is inhospitable to most cancer growth.
  • Prevents animal cruelty by eliminating animal based products that are responsible for the unnecessary death of approximately 150,000,000,000 animals a year – that’s about 3,000 animals every second.
  • Helps reduce human’s carbon footprint by using plant proteins instead of animal protein, reducing water & energy utilisation and reducing industrialised methane and CO2 production, amongst many other environmental benefits.
  • Helps preserve valuable global water resources.
  • Provides a diet that is proven to provide the longest and healthiest life possible for most people.