5 Elements

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Kemü’s healthy plant based food and drink range is based on an ancient Oriental concept called 5 Elements or Wu Xing.  The philosophy of the 5 Elements describes the interrelationship of often disparate themes such as medicine, music, military strategy and martial arts. Today it is often used in complementary medicine and martial arts.

Diagram of 5 elements
The relationship of the 5 elements.

The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water.  The philosophy describes how the elements relate, for example Wood creates Fire which creates Earth (ash) which creates Metal (e.g. iron) which creates or contains Water (a bowl or spoon) which creates Wood (trees).  The concept also tells a tale of overcoming, how Fire melts Metal which chops Wood (axe or saw) which consumes the Earth which absorbs Water which puts out Fire.

The Five elements also relate to the seasons, diet and medicinal needs throughout the year and what foods relate to which ailments.  An example is Fire which is red – this relates to the heart and circulation, amongst others.  Thus, red foods are a tonic for these parts, such as strawberries, pomegranate seeds, red capsicums and chillies.

Kemü uses this technique to create and blend it’s unique style of whole plant based meals.