Our Team

Our Team

Started by Andy and Mandy in late 2015, Kemü has attracted the very best in creativity and resourcefulness the coast has to offer. 

  • Originally from U.K., Dawa is Kemü’s head chef and is responsible for the menu and daily specials. Dawa uses his skills to craft delicious and nutritious plant based meals that tantalise the taste buds.
  • Dechen is the café manager and looks after front of house, ensuring that the shelves are stocked full of raw cakes, happy balls and other goodies. Dechen also makes a wicked coffee free latte or caffeine packed coffee from the top of the range Slayer Espresso machine. 
  • Mandy does everything else and tells Andrew what to do.  Mandy is the master of the iced coffee and iced teas, together with the asian food dishes.  Mandy is from Taiwan and is a Tiger Mum and a barista.


Linda is excellent at putting the food delights together in the back of the kitchen and is a barista who makes a great cup of Joe.
Linda is Mandy’s sister and a demon with the food things.  Wondering why the noodles and dumplings taste so good?  Ask Linda.  Preferably in Mandarin! 

Sarah taking a latte art pic.
Sarah takes great care in her coffee making and loves to get a pic of her good artworks. Sarah is also an exhibited artist in her own right.
Sarah is the glue stick.  She is the hero behind keeping things going in the right direction when things get busy.  She can also make great coffee!

Emily brings her Vietnamese influence to the Kemü team. Her skills with coffees and some fantastic food flavours liven the whole scene at Kemü.
Emily is the super hero coffee maker and kitchen juggler.  If you haven’t tried her latté or dumplings yet, you’re missing out.  You’ll also find her at the excellent Sapa restaurant in Wamberal. 









If you wish to join our valued team, feel free to drop in a CV/Resumé to the shop when we are open but you’d better have some values, skills and personality to suit our environment and customer base – they can both be challenging at times!