Our Values

Kemü values:

  • Customer satisfaction.  Our number one goal.  Even if the food or drink looks like a million dollars, we recognise that if you, our client, don’t like it, or our service to you, it’s not worth 5 cents.

    Our own cold drip coffee made fresh everyday

All our other values stem from this primary target:

  • Cleanliness.  Our procedures are designed around food safety.  One slip up in food safety and our number 1 goal is broken big time.
  • Environment friendly operations.  Kemü has implemented a number of initiatives to minimise our environmental impact:
  • Our food is sourced locally wherever possible.  Low food miles help reduce the embedded energy in your food and drink.  Embedded energy are the resources used in getting the food to you: from sowing the seed to having a feed and all the steps in between.
  • Compostability.  All our take away items, including the straws and cup lids, are 100% compostable.  Compared to recyclable or biodegradable, compostable is way better.  The items also have around 75% lower embedded energy, are made from renewable resources such as corn or potato or sugar cane and can be thrown where you throw your waste food with the knowledge that they will break down and return to where they came from without leaving behind toxic chemicals or small bits of harmful micro plastic.
  • Health.  Kemü has a good background knowledge of healthy, balanced and nutritious food.  Our 100% plant based meals are based around a balance of great taste, fresh ingredients and a good supply of natural minerals and vitamins.  A experience based knowledge of the vegan lifestyle and the various issues around these choices provides Kemü with a basis for developing a healthy menu.
  • Animal friendly. Kemü uses only vegan products.
  • Kindness to all beings, including those bred for human consumption.  Just because an animal is claimed to be slaughtered ‘humanly’ doesn’t make it right to farm it for human consumption.  There’s no way to humanely kill a healthy animal that would choose life over death.  Our 3 year old  girl reinforced this to us at the  fishmongers one day – if a 3 year old child can choose to live a cruelty free life, we are sure you can too. Chilli Chocolate
  • Whole food.  Much of Kemü’s food is grown locally and aquaponically.  By using aquaponics, food is grown ‘organically’, that is without using manmade fertilisers or pesticides.  The vegetable grow beds are fed by water from large tanks that house a variety of fish, yabbies, tadpoles, and other natural organisms, many of which have arrived in the tank naturally.  The tanks are a micro-ecosystem in themselves.  The water from the tanks is pumped by a solar powered pump to the grow beds which filter out the waste products and grow kale, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, beans, peas, cabbage, leek, garlic, shisu, spring onion, beetroot, water cress and several other seasonal fruits and veggies.  As the grow beds use clay balls as a support medium and do not use ‘soil’, the process is not permitted under current regulations to be certified as ‘organic’.
  • Family values.  Kemü loves family, ours and yours.  Your children are always welcome in our domain and the babycinos are free with your other drinks!
  • Pet friendliness.  Kemü loves your dogs and other pets – if you need water and there’s none outside already, please sing out to one of our staff.
  • Diversity.  Kemü has a wide range.  Kemü recognises that not everyone is vegan, vegetarian or gluten intolerant, or allergic to nuts, etc. Kemü uses sausages and patties made in-house to provide a familiar look and taste to our vegan meals. Kemü’s tea, coffee and hot chocolate range is normally available with your choice of:
  • Naturally cholesterol and lactose free non-dairy mylks,
    • almond milk
    • soy milk (BonSoy)
    • macadamia milk
    • rice milk
    • oat milk and
    • coconut milk.