Welcome to Kemü


Kemü delivers the best in chef created, nutritionist designed whole food plant based meals.

What can you get at Kemü's web site?

Wide variety of 100% plant based food
Food designed around 5 Elements
Non-dairy mylks and cheeses
Many raw and gluten free options
Education re healthy lifestyles

What you can't get at Kemü:

colourings, preservatives, flavourings
meat, dairy or honey

Benefits of eating whole food plant based:

  • Dishwashing is easier
  • Better oral health
  • Live longer and healthier
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Conserve water resources
  • End animal cruelty

Benefits of having Kemü make your meals:

  • Chef made taste
  • Nutritionist based recipes
  • Recipes to support your health
  • Recipes based on 5 Elements
  • Supporting local suppliers
  • Contributing to local social enterprises