Mixed Mushroom Risotto

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A great mushroom risotto with brown rice and 5 types of mushrooms.


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Using 5 types of black and white mushrooms with a bed of brown rice this risotto is packed with goodness.  Perfect after a hard day’s work or as a romantic meal for two with a bottle of vegan white wine such as a Chardonnay, a white Burgundy or even a pinot noir.











Additional information

Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 150 x 200 x 60 cm


Delicate tones of white wine and 5 different types of mushrooms combined with nutritious brown rice and nutritional yeast give this risotto a smooth taste with a filling result.


Kemü’s meals are balanced by nutritionists and chefs to ensure you get what you need on a whole food plant based diet.





MICROWAVE. medium power, 4-5 minutes

Remove the sleeve and pierce the sealing film.  Place the container in the microwave and heat on medium power, about 400 – 500 watts, for 5 minutes or until steaming hot.  Allow to stand for 2 minutes and enjoy on a warm plate or straight from the container.

OVEN, 160 C, 10 mins

Preheat oven on 160 C for 5 minutes.

Remove the food from the container and place in an oven proof dinner bowl.  Warm in the oven on 160 C for 10-15 mins or until steaming hot.  Enjoy straight from the bowl, but be careful!

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