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Kenya single origin has arrived

IMG_0926Much awaited, the Kenyan Gatina Estate arabica bean is here.

This medium roast comes from cherries grown around 1800M altitude near Karatina, Kenya.  The taste has hints of juicy blackcurrant, ripe grapefruit and lavender.  The cup is not too acid and has a silky buoyant mouth feel.

Gatina coffee factory is part of the Mugaga Coffee Farmer’s Society, Gatina having around 700 farmer members delivering cherry to the factory. Smallholder farmers here have an average of 150 coffee trees each.  Varieties grown are SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11.

The coffee management system used by Gatina and its parent ensures that the highest possible price is transferred to the farmer based on market rates.

Come on down to Kemü to experience a little piece of Africa, right in the heart of Terrigal.

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Cold Drip has arrived

For a while now we have been wanting to expand our coffee offerings.

IMG_0887A couple of weeks ago we implemented cold drip coffee.  With one icy drip every 3 or 4 seconds it is not exactly exciting of sports to watch but the end result is quite different to the espressos produced on our Slayer machine.

Cold drip coffee takes about 24 hours to produce and so we are only able to make and keep a limited stock of the end result.

Andrew has been experimenting around with various fine and coarse grinds, single origin and blend varieties of coffee and water flow rates to come up with a few different tastes.  So far, Andrew’s favourite is an ultra low caffeine brew that looks, smells and tastes like a lovely 12 or 18 year old malt whisky.  At the other end of the scale is the concentrated, quad caffeine opaque, chocolatey black sip which is good over ice or even cuts through almond or macadamia milk beautifully.

If you are seeking a different coffee flavour, try your cold drip:

  • on the rocks
  • as a natural mango based Maffogato – available in both dairy and non-dairy styles
  • with dairy or non dairy mylks – icy cold
  • with steamed milk as a cold drip latté
  • over one of our chocolatey desserts or chocolate concoctions
  • with a naturally spicy chilli chocolate nut protein crunch