Welcome to Kemü

Kemü chalk sign chalkMandy, Andy and their young family welcome you to Kemü, the vegan & vegetarian food and drink destination in Terrigal.

While Kemü shares your singular passion for high quality, naturally produced healthy food and drink, we are not coffee snobs. The Kemü ethos recognises that different people have different tastes and we strive to match our range to these varied tastes. We are, however, health nerds with a conscience. Kemü believes we are what we eat and aim to provide a healthy and tasty eating and drinking experience.

Kemü provides a range of high quality hot and iced tea, coffee, chocolate and fruit drinks based on fresh and whole ingredients.


img_3368.jpgKefir is a whole and powerful probiotic.  Kemü makes 2 types of kefir on site each day.

The nutritious milk based kefir is good for drinking straight or with fruit and veggies as a smoothie.

The refreshing and slightly tangy tea based kefir is dairy free and made with the finest rooibos red tea.  Both versions provide a wide variety of probiotics to help you maintain a healthy body balance.

Because Kemü brews its own kefir in house each day, you are assured of freshness and potency.

Both types of kefir are made from ‘grains’ rather than cultures, ensuring a consistent potency and optimal benefit for your well being.

Unlike kombucha, kefir is not made from funguses that don’t occur naturally in the body.  Instead kefir relies on naturally occurring bacteria and yeast to ferment the milk and tea.  In this way, kefir maintains a better symbiosis with one’s own internal biome.  In other words, it’s better for you.


IMG_2051Kemü’s custom blended coffee is not tied to one supplier. Our Slayer coffee machine is not supplied by the coffee roaster and is the top of the range. All Kemü baristas are trained both in the ins and outs of coffee and in how to extract the smoothest and fullest flavour from the beans. Nobody touches Kemü’s grinder or machine settings without the owners approval!  In the search for a coffee that met our exacting standards, we found that nobody does coffee quite as well as the small boutique Italian roasters.  Following a months long selection process spanning the east coast of Australia, Mandy selected a small independent Italian coffee roaster based in Sydney. Kemü offers both an all round blend and single origin coffees that taste great either as straight espresso or with a variety of dairy and non-dairy mylks.

Iced Coffee

Kemü’s Taiwanese Iced Coffee is a traditional family recipe, normally made dairy free and totally vegan.

The unique taste comes from a process adapted by Mandy from a family heirloom recipe and is refreshing and stimulating, great on a hot day or even in the middle of winter.

Cold Drip

Cold Drip - worth the wait
Cold Drip – worth the wait

If you are used to espresso shots or white coffees, you’ll find Kemü’s cold drip coffee is a quite different experience.

Kemü normally has a variety of brews, ranging from a pale drip, low in caffeine but ultra smooth in flavour and similar in appearance, taste and aroma to an aged whisky, through to a quadruple caffeine, opaque, strong ‘stout like’ morning kick to get you started.

Cold drip is the opposite of espresso.  Espresso is extracted quite rapidly under pressure and heat – cold drip, on the other hand uses iced water and no pressure.  Each cold drip brew takes around 24 hours to produce about a litre of coffee and each drink can be made as you prefer – straight shots, on ice or with dairy or non-dairy milks.



Kemü’s teas have also been through a similar selection process. Kemü’s tea selection is top of the range in quality and taste. From the classics such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey to more exotic specific teas like detox, goji, sleep and fresh brewed chai, the teas are made fresh for you under strictly controlled conditions via our tea espresso machine. The tea espresso machine, unique on the Central Coast, makes each tea independently, controlling the time and temperature of the brew for each style of tea.

Iced Tea

Kemü’s range of refreshing iced teas are made from the freshly made hot leaf tea and fresh fruit purée.  As the iced teas are made fresh for you, shaken right before they are served to you, there is no need to add preservatives or heat treat the drinks.  The result is an iced tea with full flavour, fruity goodness and a refreshing drink that is unrivalled in quality.


Chilli ChocolateKemü shares your love of good chocolate and has selected the best of Belgian chocolate from Callebaut. Callebaut are little known but are the largest supplier of the best of chocolate to the worlds premiere chocolate makers. The Kemü range of hot and iced chocolates is also made from fresh raw dark chocolate, not from powders and without added sugar – you get just the pure rich chocolate taste and all the powerful antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that go with it.

Live Smoothies

Kemü’s Live Smoothie range uses pure freshly frozen fruit and high quality dairy products combined with daily harvested live kefir probiotics. Select your own blend or choose from one of Kemü’s tested recipes. Our customers tell us you’ll not find the same high quality of taste, texture and inner health in Terrigal or even on the coast!

IMG_0858Kemü provides high quality fresh hot and cold foods. Our café classics include a range of fresh baked pies and quiches, cakes, muffins, sour dough breads, slices, tarts, croissants, banana bread, etc. Mandy also utilises her special talents of Taiwanese cooking to bring you a unique taste sensation not otherwise available in Terrigal or on the Coast.

Based on contemporary superfoods, Kemü are breakfast health nerds. Our breakfast and lunch menus are based on vegetarian and vegan recipes and don’t include fried food. Kemü makes all the breakfast dishes to order – no food sitting around from the previous day – all freshly produced for your enjoyment.  This does mean, however, that you may have to wait a few minutes for your meal – take a while to enjoy the beach views while you are here!

Check out our daily specials that usually include English classics or Taiwanese tantalisers! Follow our Facebook page for updates –

Kemü for Breakfast, all day

  • Kemü - 6 of 29Bowls – muesli, Açai, bircher
  • Pancakes – naturally gluten free with fresh fruits and honey
  • Full breakfast – spicy vegan sausages, beans on toast, mushrooms etc
  • French Toast – cheese (vegan option), baked beans, tomato
  • Toast – Fruit & Nut Bread, Sour dough loaf of the day
  • Date and walnut banana bread – a filling and delightfully sweet and nutty slice
  • Gluten free banana bread
  • Orange and almond cakes – melt in your mouth moist and naturally gluten free
  • Gluten free brownies – made in house with Belgian cacao and super grains.

Kemü for Lunch (all vegan or vegetarian)

  • Gyoza – pan baked dumplings
  • Roasted Tuscan Open Sandwich with fresh veggies.
  • Moroccan Vegan Curry
  • Portuguese Wedges
  • Mexican Potatoes
  • Noodle Salad
    Noodle Salad – gluten free and vegan

    Asian Noodle Salad

  • Gourmet Pies & Quiches
  • more

Kemü for specialty Coffee

  • Take away and drink in
  • Single origin of the month – pop in to find out what is currently in the hopper.
  • Pour over – the gentle coffee.
  • Cold drip, daily fresh, low or high caffeine, ‘whisky’ through to ‘stout’ styles.
  • Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Mafogatto, Piccolo, Romano, Zorro, Vienna…etc
  • Taiwanese Iced Coffee – non-dairy with a citrus tang and a secret blend of Taiwanese ingredients.
  • Almond, Coconut, Macadamia, Rice, BonSoy mylks

 Kemü for Tea

  • Leaf teas – White, Green, English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Sencha, Jasmine… many more
  • Herbal teas … detox, pregnancy, sleep, calming, … traditionally used by naturopaths as natural remedies.
  • Infusions – white rose & goji, lemongrass & ginger… natural light treatments for the various stages of the body.
  • Chai – clean, dirty and downright filthy!
  • Iced teas – made fresh from leaf tea and fresh fruits via the tea espresso machine then mixed and shaken in front of you.

Kemü for healthy refreshment

  • IMG_3064Live smoothies – fresh probiotics that are brewed in house for freshness and potency.
  • Fresh cold pressed juices – no powdered mixes and made as you like them.
  • Fruit frappes – the refreshment of ice with the taste of fresh fruits.

Kemü for home made Belgian chocolate

Kemü uses only the best Belgian chocolate in its hot chocolate and as the topping on cappuccinos.  Kemü also makes protein balls in house from all natural ingredients, no powders.  Inside the rich dark Belgian chocolate you will find ingredients such as macadamia nuts, chia seeds, quinoa seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almonds, etc.  Because the chocolate delights are made fresh, they have not been sitting in a warehouse or in a sticky van for weeks or months.

  • Real melted hot chocolate and cocoa
  • Montezuma’s Revenge – see why Montezuma left this recipe behind as revenge!
  • Supergrain dark chocolate chilli protein crunch – all natural fresh ingredients.
  • Nut truffles
  • Belgian chocolate chia quinoa protein balls
  • IMG_3152Iced chocolate